Do you know someone whose life has been limited by problems with reading?

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Don’t let that happen!

Everyone deserves a chance to follow a rainbow. Reading makes it possible.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who struggle with learning to read. Frequently, their problems are caused by a condition called dyslexia. Most dyslexics live their lives both ashamed and frustrated because of their reading disability. That is NOT necessary any more!

Carol Fitzpatrick at Rainbow Readers can help! There have been many exciting discoveries about dyslexia in the past few years. For one thing, dyslexics can learn to read as well as anybody else if taught with the right methods.

For the last thirty years, Carol has been successfully helping dyslexic people learn to read. She started Rainbow Readers for that specific purpose. Below are resources she offers to anyone.

Let’s get these brilliant and talented people past the roadblock of learning how to read so they can live the most successful, innovative, interesting lives possible!

At Rainbow Readers, we provide:

Free information

Everything you ever wanted to know about dyslexia…and more. See the articles and videos we’ve chosen from the hundreds available. And, don’t miss the links to other websites. New research about Dyslexia is coming out frequently. We’ll try to keep you informed if you check back. We also offer a free consultation to answer any questions you may have about your particular needs.

Free materials

Free downloads of hands-on phonics cards with simple games you can play with your students. We also provide some simple charts on the phonics patterns of English. Our language is much more consistent than we were taught in school. Let us share some of the more reliable patterns to teach your students.

Screening for Dyslexia

There is no need to wonder or worry anymore. Carol Fitzpatrick is fully trained to give a complete screening for dyslexia. After working with your students / children, she will be able to tell you their reading strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategies for helping them learn to read. We also offer an online screening for dyslexia.


Carol has many resources available to help struggling readers. After more than 35 years of teaching and tutoring, she knows exactly what to do to help almost any dyslexic learn to read well. Her methods are all Orton-Gillingham-based and very effective. We also offer online tutoring at all levels (as long as the student is comfortable on a computer.)


Carol loves to work with educators to help “tune-up” what they are doing in their classrooms (or at home for homeschoolers). Sometimes, the only changes needed are simple accommodations. We also offer her 440-page book, that is full of helpful ideas and tips for teaching all phases of reading and writing instruction.

Group presentations and workshops

Carol has traveled around the country speaking at reading conferences on dyslexia and how to intervene in the classroom. She has also spoken to homeschooling groups on how to use effective methods for struggling readers.

Our Books

Carol has written two books loaded with practical and effective methods for teaching a person with dyslexia. This link will take you to our books’ website which is also full of good information for you. The bookCrushing Dyslexia is for anyone who wants to help a dyslexic learn. (Download the first two chapters for free!) 

Homeschooler Services

Carol was “forced” to homeschool her own children because of their dyslexia. Once she started, she saw what a blessing it was. She understands the challenges that homeschool parents are facing, and has a special place in her heart for them. Rainbow Readers provides several support services for homeschooling families.

Please watch this video on dyslexia. It is a “must-see” for anyone who wants to know more.

Reading Rockets video “Reading and the Brain”

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