Rainbow Readers Tutoring Is Closing!

Dear Friends,

Carol S. Fitzpatrick has retired from tutoring after 47 years of working with dyslexic people. It has been a joy, but she’s moving on to some new adventures traveling with her husband of 44 years and finishing a Christian fantasy trilogy about the endtimes. (It is still in the final editing process. You may check its progress at csfitzpatrick.com.)

Her wonderful, experienced, and dedicated tutor is starting her own tutoring business and is taking new clients. She is filling up quickly. Her contact information is:

Jen Young Tutoring

Phone: 480-510-5367

Email: made4worship2@gmail.com

Although Carol won’t be offering services anymore, this website will remain available for a few more months so people seeking help can find the contact information for some excellent tutors. You may also find and download the resources that have been available here for many years. Carol’s books for teachers and parents and all other resources will still be available at www.crushingdyslexia.com.

Thank you all, for the incredible support and joy you have given over the years.