Downloadable Progress-monitoring Record Sheet

This downloadable Excel form makes it easy to track actual results to frequent progress-monitoring for different literacy skills, not just fluency. You may download it as a live file to type your students’ names into, then print as a master…Or…use it to type your students’ records into it.


  1. Save the file to your computer. Fill in your students’ names before printing.
  2. Fill in the date box.
  3. Fill in the skill and material used for progress-monitoring that skill in the boxes at the top. Note: if you start typing into the box, Excel will type it horizontally, but as soon as you are done typing, the words will appear vertically.
  4. Fluency is measured in cwpm (correct words per minute). Quiz scores are recorded as the number correct / the number possible, for example 5/6 means the student had 5 correct answers out of a possible score of 6. Some items only need a +, check, or minus score.

Here is a sample using data I collected for my most struggling reading group.

Download (PDF, 79KB)


Here is your downloadable Excel form for progress-monitoring.

Download (XLSX, 20KB)