Carol Fitzpatrick has a special place in her heart for homeschoolers. She remembers the confusion and worry she went through when the public school system wasn’t able to help her children with their reading disabilities. As former president of the Northern Nevada and California Homeschooling Association while living in Reno, Nevada in the 1980’s, she observed a higher incidence of possible dyslexia than she had as a public school teacher. She found that several of those families were homeschooling for the same reason she was–their children weren’t functioning in the public school system.

She is available to:

  • give individual consultations to parents who just need some guidance on how to best adapt their curriculum to accommodate the needs of their struggling readers.
  • give group presentations or workshops for homeschooling groups.
  • tutor homeschooled students in reading.
  • teach small group classes for 6-12 students with Orton-Gillingham-based program called Wilson Reading System.
  • provide easy-to-use materials. (Some are FREE!)

For all of these services, please see our “Prices” page.

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