Do you need a tutor?

  • Is your child falling behind?
  • Is your child having difficulty learning with the methods currently being used in the classroom?
  • Does your child’s difficulty surprise you?
  • Are you concerned that unless your child gets help soon, he or she will stop trying to succeed and start hating school?

Good News! Carol S. Fitzpatrick, MS, is taking new students of any age who are struggling with reading. There are many situations and conditions which affect how well a child learns. The solution to your child’s problem could be as simple as adjusting the learning environment in some way. But many times, it is the result of a learning disability. Often, the reading disability is dyslexia. When properly dealt with, many learning disabilities, even dyslexia, can be overcome.

We are always happy to talk to you, but before calling, please watch the following video. It should answer many of your questions. This will allow us to focus on your child’s specific needs when you call.

Video –  “Dyslexia: Invisible Disability or Incredible Gift”

After viewing this video, if you feel your child may have dyslexia, please call Carol for a free consultation.

It would also be beneficial if you give the Barton Student Screening to your child before calling, but this is not essential.

The most important thing is to start helping your child become a good reader as soon as possible!

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