Screening for Dyslexia

Is it dyslexia?

There are many reasons a person may have problems learning how to read. One of the most common, but least understood, is dyslexia.

There is no reason to wonder or worry. Rainbow Readers is able to screen for dyslexia. If after our free initial consultation it is determined that there are significant symptoms of classic dyslexia present, you may choose to have us do a screening.

1) Summertime Group Screening Sessions

Every summer we offer a group screening for dyslexia. We charge $75 and that includes the screening and a private phone consultation later to go over the results. We will be screening children ages 6 and up on Saturdays starting in July. Please contact Carol at 480-999-4449 or to register. For more info…

2) In-depth Screening / Assessment (with conference and written report)

After a complete review of the student’s work, records, and testing, Carol administers a battery of professional assessment pieces included a major norm-referenced one geared for assessing phonological processing, (one of a dyslexic’s main areas weakness). Then she writes a report outlining her findings, suggestions, and strategies for the future. HOWEVER, it is NOT a legal document to use in court or to prove your child qualifies for special considerations at public school. If you are seeking professional advice for legal purposes, we recommend you hire a neuropsychologist or certified dyslexia specialist.

Reasons to have an in-depth assessment done:

  1. You won’t need to wonder any longer or struggle with confusion or guilt.
  2. You will receive a thorough verbal or written report so you will know what actions to take in the future to help your child improve his or her reading abilities.
  3. Our costs are more affordable than a neuropsychologist or certified dyslexia tester. (See Prices for more information.)

Reasons to see a neuropsychologist or certified dyslexia tester:

  1. You need a legal document for court, public education institutions, or work-related situations.