Remote Barton Tutoring

Such Great News!

One of the most difficult situations we have here at Rainbow Readers is finding prospective clients who desperately wanted us to tutor their struggling students, but we can’t help them because they live too far away from us.

For years, Carol has been looking for an easy way to use internet technology to solve the distance problem, but until recently, the methods she found were just too complicated for children to use.

Finally, we found a great method and have begun meeting our students online. Now, we’re ready to help you! However, even though we started using this new technology just a few weeks ago, our remote tutoring time slots are quickly filling up, so call us today to reserve the times that work best for your family. Let’s get started!

Please let us help you help your child become a better reader!

Please call us today if you are interested in finding out more information about remote tutoring!  480-999-4449