Rainbow Readers Small Group Classes

Is your child struggling with reading? Could it be dyslexia? Are you worried about his or her future? Let us help you!

Starting September of 2018, Rainbow Readers is offering a small group class for struggling readers ages 8-up

Reasons to consider enrolling your child (age 8 and up) in our class:

1. All classes are based on highly effective Orton-Gillingham methods:

• Multi-sensory, simultaneous
• Logical, systematic
• Paced for your child’s “Success Zone”
• Hands-on, experiential
• Research-based

2. Our instructors are highly experienced in working with dyslexic people.

3. Small groups, with a minimum of 6 students, but no more
than 12.

4. Priced less than one-third the cost of our one-on-one tutoring sessions.

5. Everyone learns better while enjoying themselves, so we work hard to make the class fun–even
for kids who “hate”
to read.


1. Teacher — Carol S. Fitzpatrick, Reading Instructor and Dyslexia Specialist, founder of Rainbow Readers, author of Crushing Dyslexia

2. Location — Covenant Home School Resource Center, 1117 East Devonshire Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014

3. Time — 10:00-11:30 am

4. Days — Every Tuesday and Thursday from September 11th – November 15th, 2018 (10 weeks)

5. Price — $30 per day (21 sessions) paid monthly = $210 per month for three months due before the first session of the month (most materials included)


1. All prospective students must be assessed by Carol Fitzpatrick before being accepted into the program.

2. Families who participate are asked to make a commitment to have their student(s) present for every session from September to November. No dropouts, please. We are keeping the class size low in order to provide your child with the best experience possible.

3. We need one parent volunteer present at each session to assist. This responsibility may be shared between parents or one person may receive a discount for assisting every time.

4. Other children may be present as long as they are not a distraction to the students in our class. We are reserving an adjoining room in which families may work while waiting, but a parent must be supervising in that room as well.

Contact us about possible times to participate in a group screening session at 480-999-4449.