Rainbow Readers Small Group Classes

Is your child struggling with reading? Could it be dyslexia? Are you worried about his or her future? Let us help you!

We started our Rainbow REaders Class last September of 2019, and it was a success! The 10 children (with 2 teachers) who attended have done well! Rainbow Readers is offering a beginning small group class for struggling readers ages 8-up.

We just received this email from one of the parents.

My name is Abby and my daughter Gracelyn started doing Carol’s class to help dyslexic kids when she was 9 years old. Gracelyn could not identify phonograms or read at all and we tried everything to help her learn to read without success. After only 2 semesters, reading has finally clicked! Gracelyn‘s confidence has soared as she reading books she only dreamed of reading before! Carol has had incredible patience with Gracelyn through this program and we are beyond amazed as just how far she’s come in such a short time! I would highly highly recommend this class to anyone who has a struggling reader. It has completely transformed our homeschooling!

UPDATE Last August 2019:

Carol and Jen finished 3 days of intensive training in using the Wilson Reading System to its fullest advantage. We are even more excited than before! This is a complete Language Arts program with Rainbow Readers teaching the Wilson program 2 days per week for 90 minutes, while parents follow up with simple tasks to reinforce what was taught. This will replace any reading, handwriting, spelling, grammar, and fluency curriculum for the time students are enrolled in our class. If they participate for the whole time, it will be a two-year program (minimum). Imagine! Two great years of watching your child succeed with reading. For most struggling readers, that is not just a dream, it is very possible.

Reasons to consider enrolling your child (age 8 and up) in our class:

1. All classes are based on highly effective Orton-Gillingham methods, (Wilson Reading System):

• Multi-sensory, simultaneous
• Logical, systematic
• Paced for your child’s “Success Zone”
• Hands-on, experiential
• Research-based

2. Our instructors are highly experienced in working with dyslexic people (more than 52 years of combined experience).

3. Small groups, with a minimum of 6 students, but no more
than 12. (There will always be a ratio of a maximum of 6 students per teacher).

4. Priced less than half the cost of our one-on-one tutoring sessions.

5. Everyone learns better while enjoying themselves, so we work hard to make the class fun–even for kids who “hate” to read.


1. Teachers — Carol S. Fitzpatrick, Reading Instructor and Dyslexia Specialist, founder of Rainbow Readers, author of Crushing Dyslexia; and Jen Young, credentialed teacher and experienced Barton tutor, Our newest teacher is Cindy Larkin, who has just retired as a special education teacher for Mesa with 17 years’ experience.

2. Location — Currently online. (Hopefully in person soon at Revive Christian Fellowship, 3016 N. Dobson, Rd., Suite 19, Chandler, AZ 85224)

3. Time — to be determined according to the age and learning level of your children.

4. Days — Tuesdays and Thursdays August through May 2021

5. Price — $295 per month + one-time materials fee of $100 (all other materials included) due before the first session of the month.


  1. All prospective students must be assessed online by Carol Fitzpatrick before being accepted into the program. Testing will occur starting June 20th by appointment. Call us for dates and requirements at 480-999-4449
  2. The cost of the assessment is $75 which includes the testing, postage, evaluation, and personal oral report to each family, If the family decides to enroll their child in our class, they will receive a $50 discount off of their first month’s tuition.
  3. Families who participate are asked to make a commitment to have their student(s) present for every session through May. We are keeping the class size low in order to provide your child with the best experience possible. We will be following the Chandler school system’s vacation schedule with a few possible changes. We need to be able to count on your child’s attendance for the year to keep the tuition as low as possible.

Contact us about possible times to participate in a group screening session at 480-999-4449.