Initial Consultation — Free

Let’s get to know each other and see if Rainbow Readers tutoring is a good match for your needs. Call today to set up an appointment for talking by phone or in person. (30-minute parent interview.)


Initial Screening for Tutoring / Record Review — $325

Carol does the initial intake assessment for every client. The fee includes initial testing session (approximately 50 minutes), the scoring and evaluation of the results, the planning conference with the most appropriate tutor, and a parent meeting with the tutor to discuss the results and tentative plan. This testing is necessary because it allows us to precisely focus our instruction. Carol will ask to see samples of a student’s written work, spelling tests, and records of any testing that has been done previously. She will also give a few informal assessments so she and the tutor can design an effective remediation plan.


In-depth Dyslexia Screening (with conference & simple report) — $450

After a review of the student’s work, Carol administers several professional assessments (including a major norm-referenced assessment which is geared for assessing phonological processing, one of a dyslexic’s main areas of weakness). Then she prepares a report with simple charts outlining the results. Finally, she meets with you at your convenience to explain her findings, make suggestions, and discuss recommended strategies for the future. This option requires meeting with the student for an hour-long session on two different days to administer the assessments. The fee covers all expenses, including: travel to your location, the assessment sessions, the scoring and evaluating of the data, preparing the report, and the parent conference. — BEST VALUE!


In-depth Dyslexia Screening (with conference & complete written report) — $800

After a complete review of the student’s work, records, and testing, Carol administers at least 9 professional assessments. Then she writes a formal 10-12 page report outlining her findings, suggestions, and recommended strategies for the future. There is at least a two-week wait time between student testing and the parent conference.

PLEASE NOTE that we do NOT provide a legal document for use in court, or to prove that your child qualifies for special considerations at public school. If you are seeking professional advice for legal purposes, we recommend you hire a neuropsychologist or certified dyslexia testing specialist.


Group Screening for Symptoms Associated with Dyslexia – $85

Carol Fitzpatrick of Rainbow Readers is trained in the administration and evaluation of the Slingerland Screening Test for Identifying Children with Specific Language Disability. It is a thorough screening that observes how a child is using his or her visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (muscle movement) senses to learn. Children with dyslexia have definite patterns that are apparent while taking this assessment.  Carol has been using it with all of her classes since 1995 and has found it to be one of the most accurate screenings to detect children who may be struggling with dyslexia. (For more information go to the Slingerland Institute’s website.)

Carol will assess groups of children of the same age at several different times during the summer. Test administration takes approximately one hour. If you are interested in the screening to better identify what your child(ren)’s learning strengths and weaknesses are, as well as a list of appropriate accommodations to help them learn more easily, call Carol to sign up.  480-999-4449, (For Ages 5-adult)

We have been able to adapt to online administration through Zoom. The parent must be with the child for the hour to assist Carol in administration.


Private Tutoring Session with a Rainbow Readers Tutor — $65 per hour

All students meet with us a minimum of twice per week.

Rainbow Readers has expanded and has several excellent tutors available. Our tutors are experienced teachers who have worked with dyslexic people. Carol will be providing most of the initial assessment and supervision for all of Rainbow Readers’ clients, as well as giving support and direction when needed.

Online Tutoring – available at all levels for any student comfortable using a computer and mouse. We have been using Zoom successfully for several years to reach people who are unable to meet with us in person.


Private Consulting or Mentoring Session with Carol S. Fitzpatrick — $75 per hour

Because of her broad training in dyslexia and more than 30 years of teaching experience, Carol has the ability to give insightful help that goes beyond what most tutors are able to provide. Summer Special – We are looking for new clients because several of our students have “graduated.” Carol has reduced her fee from $70 to $65 per hour for any session scheduled before Labor Day.


Local Travel Fee — Free

If your home is within 10 miles of your tutor’s starting address, there is no extra charge.


Non-local Travel Fee — $1.00 per extra mile

If your home is more than 10 miles from your tutor’s starting address, a fee will be charged to cover transportation costs and extra travel time.


Early Intervention Groups for Preschool through Second Grade — Call for a quote

When there is a need, Carol loves to teach prevention / early intervention groups for young children using games, songs, and large body movement to help children learn foundational reading skills.


On-site Tutoring in Private Schools — same fees as listed above

We are available to work with students on location during the school day with a parent request and school permission.


Group Tutoring Session (maximum of three in a group) — $40 per person per hour

Research shows that students learn just as well and enjoy themselves more when working with peers. (This is only possible if another student with a compatible assessment profile is available.)


Group Training or Workshop Session — fee quoted upon request

The group fee may be divided among participants, with a minimal extra charge per person to cover the cost of materials. These sessions work well for parent groups as well as teacher inservices.

Possible topics include:

  • Dyslexia … the Invisible Disability (This presentation is given as a public service to interested people. We would like everyone to understand dyslexia.)
  • How to teach preschool-aged students for reading readiness
  • How to teach reading to primary-aged students
  • How to teach reading to intermediate-aged students
  • How to teach handwriting to struggling writers
  • How to monitor your students’ progress
  • How to teach struggling readers (of all ages) with easy accommodations that really help
  • How to motivate a discouraged student
  • Any combination of the above

Especially for teachers:

  • What is “Multi-Tiered Support Systems” (MTSS) and “Response to Intervention / Instruction” (RTI) and how you can make it work for you and your students
  • Using data to guide instruction — the very next day!
  • Little things teachers can do that make a BIG difference for dyslexic students!


Occasionally, extra materials may be needed. You may purchase the recommended materials on your own, or we will provide them and you can reimburse us at our cost.