Group Presentations

Parents – Homeschoolers

Carol is willing to present / lecture, or provide a hands-on workshop experience on the following topics:

  • Dyslexia…the Invisible Disability
  • How to teach preschool-aged students for reading readiness
  • How to teach reading to primary-aged students
  • How to teach reading to intermediate-aged students
  • How to teach handwriting to struggling writers
  • How to teach struggling readers (of all ages) with easy accommodations that really help
  • A combination of any of the above

School – Teacher Inservice

Carol has been speaking at schools and reading conferences all over the Western United States on the following topics:

  • What is Response to Intervention / Instruction (RTI), and how you can make it work for you and your students
  • Using data to guide instruction–the very next day!
  • How to make small changes that make BIG differences for struggling readers

Would any of these topics be of value to your school? (See “Prices” for more information.)