Our Company

Rainbow Readers is

…a company started by Carol S. Fitzpatrick, MS, to help people who struggle with learning how to read, specifically those who have a condition called dyslexia. In recent years, educational researchers have made huge gains in understanding this condition and the ways to help even severe dyslexics conquer their reading problems. Our goal is to help as many of these brilliant, frustrated people with the information and tutoring they need to succeed.

The solution to a dyslexic’s problem could be as simple as adjusting the learning environment in some way, or teaching parents how to do easy things with their own children at home. When properly dealt with, dyslexia can be overcome by most people, sometimes with amazing results!

Don’t spend another day wondering if you or your loved one has dyslexia. Help is just a phone call away! Call 480-999-4449 today!